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Total War: Three Kingdoms, a forthcoming turn-based strategy (TBS) tactics game, was developed by Creative Assembly. Sega is the publisher of the video game.

Release Date

As the twelfth mainline entry in the series called Total Wars, the game is scheduled to be released on 7 March 2019 for Microsoft Windows. Feral Interactive made an announcement that the video game will also come to Linux and macOS after the Windows version release.

Gameplay of Total War: Three Kingdoms

The game is set in 220–280, in the Three Kingdoms era, and the player controls one of the eleven factions in the game, who must defeat other factions, unify People’s Republic of China and become the nation’s ultimate ruler.

Factions, Units and Retinues

Warlords lead these factions, which includes Sun Jian, Liu Bei and Cao Cao. In siege battles, the player commands both cavalry and infantry units. The units featured in this game are divided into separate retinues. A powerful general leads each retinue. The play can deploy a maximum of 3 generals into the battleground at the same time, and they only have access to specific units that these generals can recruit.


You win a siege battle when you kill all the opponent generals or the city’s central point is captured. The generals, which you can command separately from their troops, possess unique items and weapons, which the player can loot after killing them. For example, the Red Hare that belongs to Lü Bu can be captured and then used by other generals.

Also, generals can engage in a one vs one duelling, which will end when one of the generals flee or die. Additionally, each general has different specialities and classes, which grants their units with both passive and active buffs.


Also, the team introduces the guanxi concept to the game, whereby each general forms social relationships and connections with other characters in the game.

Generals’ Desires and Personalities

Viewing concepts such as “obligations, trust and reciprocity ” as important virtues, the generals have unique desires and personalities that the player has to cater to. If the player does not meet their demands, their happiness rating drops, which can result in various repercussions for the player.