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The Wolfenstein Collection is a series of action games based on the World War 2 set-up. These video games were developed by MachineGames and started being published by Bethesda Softworks from the year 2014 to the present. The Wolfenstein Alt History Collection incorporates players into a long adventure through a formidably different history where the Nazis have accomplished global domination. It allows you to experience a sprawling, interconnected story whereby your character has to shoot, stab, and kill to make way through to some Nazi ranks. The collection includes The New Order Wolfenstein, The Old Blood Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and Youngblood.

1. Wolfenstein: The New Order

The New Order Wolfenstein is a single-player game in the Wolfenstein series. The genres of this game are the action-adventure and first-person shooter. Its narrative dwells around a veteran known as William Blazkowicz in his efforts to try and prevent the Nazis from gaining rule over the world. The New Order is a game played from a first-person perspective, with many of its levels navigated through walking. Its narrative is presented in various chapters whereby players have to fight enemies and finish to progress to the next level. Players are allowed to use various weapons such as explosives, firearms, and melee attacks to combat enemies and can choose to jump, run, or even swim to sail through the locations.

2. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Like the New Order Wolfenstein, the Old Blood is played from a first-person perspective and revolves around the life of William “B.J.” Blazkowicz in his efforts to find the locations of a Nazi compound. Unlike the New Order, though, the chapters of Old Blood are divided into two interconnected campaigns that the players have to finish to progress. This game features a variety of dual-wielded weapons, which include explosives, shotguns, and pistols. It also has a cover system whereby players can lean in and out of the cover, rather than dwelling on the common system in which players have to stick to the cover.

3. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

This game continues the sequel of events in the other two Wolfenstein series, with a narrative based on William Blazkowicz’s efforts to fight against the Nazi regime in the U.S. The New Colossus story is aligned in chapters like the other two; the only difference being that some characters and plot points in this game get replaced at some level. It also has a cover system and features a variety of dual-wielded weapons.

4. Wolfenstein: Youngblood

The Youngblood is the latest release from the Wolfenstein series. It is more developed and has additional features like an optional cooperative multiplayer mode, which allows you to finish the game with another player or A.I. The game also allows you to complete missions in a non-linear order, unlocking new abilities and gear as you progress.

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