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The sequel to the highly acclaimed Wolfenstein: The New Order, Machine Games’ Wolfenstein II continues the story of BJ Blazkowicz after his assassination of a Nazi general. With the Nazis keeping their grasp on the world, your job isn’t done just yet – using your arsenal of weaponry, you continue your task of killing every last one, sparking the American Revolution.

A rich story

Experience the branching outcomes of the rich storyline Wolfenstein has to offer, with your decisions impacting the outcome of the game. Experience the unapologetic cruelties of Wolfenstein’s dystopian universe, with interactive and immersive decision making throughout.

Refined combat

Boasting the classic feeling of Wolfenstein’s combat, begin your journey in redefined combat with options for enhancement, rewarded by combos on enemies and the ability to store and use a whole army in your pocket. Fluid movement, alongside responsive hit registration leads to even more enjoyment between action packed story.

Groundbreaking visuals

Wolfenstein II features it’s classic eruptions of violence, but on top of this hosts stunning visuals thanks to Software ID’s Tech 5 engine. being used to create Rage previously in 2011, the engine is capable of producing vibrant 3D scenes giving the game its unique aesthetic and every level a different feel.

Your game, your way

Wolfenstein wouldn’t be complete without its token hyper-violence. And with the fantastic variety of ways to kill the Nazis in your way, you’ll be spoiled for choice as you tackle enemies using the variety of mechanics at your disposal.