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Resident Evil 3 is a survivor game series that was developed by Capcom back in 1999. It was released by the play store in the same year. It features increased fear for the player. It is an improved version of the first and second models of the game. However, unlike these versions, it features an outdoor city environment to allow for a variety of situations that had not been embraced in the initial releases. The game features a three-dimensional capacity as well as increased paranoia on the path of the player. It further embraces the before and after scenes of the previous model of Resident Evil 3.

Structure and how it is played

Here, the player is confronted by several enemies, as well as the nemesis creature. The player controls the movement of the main protagonist, Jill Valentine, throughout the game. The advancement of the player is based on the ability to outsmart, avoid, and defeat the pursuing enemies. This can be done through the application of different weapons that are scattered across the city. The player collects them and places them in the inventory to be used later. Besides, the player can avoid the enemies through the opening and closing does besides climbing obstacles.

The best feature of the game is the fact that the player can make 180 degrees turns to run away from the enemies. Furthermore, there are explosives that can be shot to distract and even kill the nearby enemies. Additionally, the game incorporates the health of the player. Here, depending on the number of attacks from the enemies, the player’s health keeps depreciating. In the quest to rekindle the health, the player uses first-aid sprays and herbs separately or together depending on the circumstances.

The game embraces the element of dilemma. Here, the player is put in a situation that requires a difficult decision. The player is forced to choose between two dangerous situations or to get some penalty. The choices affect the whole process. The activities that unfold depend on the level of the game that the player selects. Markedly, the game is action-oriented.

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