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Final Fantasy 16 is an action-packed single-player video game published and produced by Square Enix creative. The game features Clive Rosfield’s quest for revenge after tragedy befell his close relatives. It is part of the broader Final Fantasy Series which dates back to 1987, with this being the 16th release.

The Background

In the fictional land of Valisthea, the locals live in harmony, thanks to the Mothercrystal Mountains. There are 6 factions in this fictional land that have the power to rule. However, there are monster-like creatures called the Dominants who are out to cause havoc. It is in the Valisthea resident’s best interest to stand up and revenge for the atrocities caused by the Dominants.

Clive Rosfield, the firstborn son of Archduke of Rosaria (one of the leaders of Valisthea), stands up to lead the revenge mission. To his credit, he has supernatural powers, which helps him navigate his way in this mission. Being an epic game, he fights using special swords, which comes out as uncoordinated but highly effective strategy.

The magical powers have a way of showing Clive what will happen next to prepare him for the task ahead. Being a single player, the gamer must coordinate the character’s action from start to finish.

Comparison from the Other Final Fantasy Releases

Being the latest in the series, the Final Fantasy 16 storyline, theme and game clarity are at their best, thanks to the improved conceptualisation process. Character development and linkages between Final Fantasy releases make the video game more engaging and ever-fresh.

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